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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute sean: welcome to a special edition of hannity. the results have started coming in. we will keep you updated all night on the developments for the next hour. the polls have just closed here in new york and the race that we are watching all closely tonight is the special election in the 23rd congressional district conservative doug hoffman against democrat bill owens has become a local race with national flavor. now the polls have just closed. we are waiting for those numbers to start coming in. doug hoffman will be joining us in just a few minutes. in new jersey, the the polls have been closed for a little over an hour. we are watching the polls there in what might be the closest race of the tonight. jon corzine is facing a stiff challen from republican chris christie. there is the x factor that's independent chris daggettt. will his supporters stick with him? we are watching this race very closely. we will bring results and updates as soon as we have them. in the commonwealth of virginia
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fox news has projected republican bob mcdonnell is the winner over democrat creigh deeds. this is the first time a republican has won this race since 19 7. our very own frank luntz will be joining us a little bit later in the program with a live focus group of virginia voters. we're also expecting bob mcdonnell to be speaking sometime during this hour. we'll also bring that to you live. that is where we start tonight in richmond, virginia at the mcdonnell victory party where former governor george alan and eric cantor join me now. guys, if these numbers hold up, it's going to be a 21 point victory tonight. you add that to the six points that barack obama won just a year ago, governor, what do you think of what's happened there tonight? >> well, it's an out and out rout here in virginia. it's a rout because bob mcdonnell's campaign on common sense conservative principles on economic issues, jobs, energy, transportation, education, and those ideas resonated not only
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with the united republican party but also got a lot of independents to join with us as well. so it's a great message across the country that virginians are standing strong for freedom rather than debt, taxes and rationing and taxing of energy. sean: looks like you are having too much fun there, governor. >> yeah, well, we are. sean: as we look at this race, this is a rout here in virginia, in a state that barack obama won by six points. what's your interpretation of this? >> sean, there is no question about it. we are having a tremendous victory here tonight. what's interesting is that bob mcdonnell ran a positive solutions-based campaign. clearly the voters of the commonwealth have rejected the policies of the barack obama white house, of the nancy pelosi-led congress and said enough with the spending, enough with the waste. enough with the policies that are promoting government and incursion in our lives. instead they have made a choice. that choice is with a positive,
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solution-based focus of bob mcdonnell, common sense conservative principles that we know started this commonwealth in this nation. sean: we are still watching, guys. we have a very close race going on in virginia. governor, we had back in 1993, we had bellwether races that we all followed, virginia and new jersey, interestingly enough. it became a predictor for a lot of what happened with the newt gingrich revolution in 1994. regardless of how this race comes in tonight in new jersey, do you think we see something similar developing? >> you know, i see it as a precursor having been that one in 1993, that one we ran on an aggressive agenda, very audacious. eric was a big ally and a lot of those successes for jobs bob mcdonnell and legislature. this year, the issues that are being debated in washington have residence here in virginia. they are against cap and trade that would cause skyrocketing electricity and job-killing
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taxes. they are against government takeover of health care. against card check, which would do away with private ballots and unionization efforts and they are very much concerned about the dangerous debt mounting on our children in future generations. and so i think eric bolstered in washington as he is fighting for freedom and opportunity and prosperity because virginia, once again is, leading the way. sean: congressman, we will be asking this question to many of our guests throughout the evening tonight. do you believe, especially we may have a health care vote in the house where you work as early as friday. do you have believe that this is a referendum vote on president obama? >> >> sean, this is, again, akin to the alan revolution that started in virginia in 1993. and sparked an incredible takeover of the united states house of representatives in 1994. and what this is tonight, this victory here led by bob mcdonnell is a warning shot.
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and it says to the moderate democrats in the house they ought to think twice about continuing to pursue the policies being proposed by this white house and nancy pelosi. enough with the extreme agenda. we either return back to the common sense conservative principles of free market, of individual responsibility of entrepreneurialism, that's whatted that i this country great. we ought to say no to the government takeover of health care that is being proposed on the floor of the house this week. sean: all right. congressman, governor, thank you both for joining us tonight. joining us now with reaction and analysis of tonight's event is the architect, karl rove. good to see you. how are you? >> fantastic. good to sigh. i said before this race if bob mcconnell wins it would be tilling. i thought if he won by auto big margin it would be even more telling. i said if he had coat tails which he had in the united states of the lt. general and lt. governor it would be more than that your reaction to that.
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>> i was talking to karl live lyle gregory smart snuff in the -- house of delegates campaigns including one in far southwestern virginia democrats unseat the republicans overwhelmingly large measure by making the measure about barack obama. in a house of delegates race and we need to send a message to washington about cap and trade and about these taxes, spending and deficit. sean: what do you make about the spread i was referring to earlier? >> huge. barack obama won the state by six points. tonight, bob mcdonald is winning them by 22. that is a huge swing. that is rarely seen in american politics. >> it really is, regard also if the race in new jersey pull out. 50-50. >> i have got to tell you what i'm hearing early gifs me a sense we haven't heard from the big democrat counties. they are starting to brick a little bit of vote out of hudson
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and he is sick. what we are hearing from the rest of the state tendz to make me believe that christie is running a couple of pints ahead where he needs to be in order to win this. bill: that's a state where barack obama won by 15 points. >> 57% of the vote in a deep blue state that has not elected a statewide strub going on since 997. sean: what arches did. as i was watching all the returns tonight, what a difference a year makes in the political world. if you go back i can say specific. even republicans stating conservatism is dead in this country. you look at governor christie or governor elect potential live criticize city is governor tiewcial tan date. very conservative agenda. >> right. at the end he did. one of the reasons what i think
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this race is tight because he didn't have that message early on. you are right. bible mcdonnell is a reagan knight conservative. he is not only about cutting taxes but helping people bigger schools and highways without bigger government. he is also a sunny disposition. he is a moderate demeanor so he was able to -- people might otherwise close their ear informs to a public and tifned to him and they were convinced. sean: that's the way people analyze us. we have a pleasant demeanor. nice guy. >> speak for yourself. i'm not going to go into nice guy stuff at all. sean: you are not buying this at all. your prediction you think christie is going to pull this out. >> remember exit polls. barack obama carried 51-47% margin it looks like in the exit polling. granted, in new jersey where it states the number of
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independents srst jangs each year. but, you know, going from having a, you know. know, from being down in four points to being up by 57.43. 15 points have really silg can't. >> i have an important if he to ask you. how will the debates on cap and tax. health care debate and whether or not you think it is going to have an effect on the blue dog democrats. karl rove stay right there. more on election night of candidate. a man who sparked a conservative rebellion in new york. live focus group. here to tell us wouldwhy they vd for the republican bob mcdonnell. that and more straight ahead. ♪
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sean: for works the entire nation has kept its eyes on the special congressional election in upstate new york.
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joining me from there is the man though sparked the conservative uprising doug hoffman. how is it looking on the ground there? >> sean, we're cautiously optimistic about the results tonight and we're just waiting. sean: all right. what you can tell us? apparently a couple controversies emerging here. apparently glitching -- there is some glitches in some of the polling machines i believe in saint lawrence county. the board of directors. we have some absentee ballots, apparently 325 of them and unknown number of provisional ballots that have been secured by a court order. you can tell us what happened up there? >> well, we're not sure. we just heard that over the a.p. and we're not sure exactly what's going on but that's definitely the case, sean. sean: what do you make of the republican party supporting this very liberal candidate, spending $900,000. in the end she drops out and supports the democrats. what does that tell you? >> well, as the common sense conservative reagan republican in this race, i also -- always
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said she was too liberal to be a republican. obviously she is. she has shown her true colors and goes back threatened and didn't endorse me. we are going to win this without her, sean. sean: if you listen to democratic analysis they said that the republicans were basing their support for you on ideological purity, i think it was just basic -- i can't think of a single conservative issue she supported. i mean, so it was pretty obvious -- >> -- she didn't. sean: well, she didn't. which is why -- does this send a message to the republican establishment in your mind? >> well, i think that we have to make sure that the republicans are going to pick republicans to run on the party line that belief in the ideological of values of the republican party. and she certainly didn't. she was ranked 46th democrats had a more conservative rating
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than she did by the new york state conservative party. that's ridiculous. sean: by the way i saw that joe biden had a big crowd up there. 200 people showed up and half of them were media. >> yeah. actually it was 150, sean. we had over 500 at our rally later that day in the same place. sean: pretty interesting. doug, we will be watching the race. as soon as as some of the polling data comes in we will be imparting that to our audience. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. it was a pleasure to be here and we look forward to the results. sean: we certainly do. we turn now to karl rove. this was an interesting race. as much as conservatives like myself, i couldn't find a single thing where dee dee scozzafava supported a republican position. there was a rebellion and she goes on and supports the democrat. what did you make of that? >> it's an interesting race. the key point here is that she
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realized she was running third that the grass roots support in the district did not back up the choice of the 11 republican county chairman empowered by state law to pick her. i have to tip my hat race she withdrew. kept with the sentiments she kept that day when she withdrew and said she would always remain a ploil republican and later battered about by the speaker the new york general assembly she endorsed the democrat. sean: robert gibbs saying this is not a referendum on barack obama. the democrats saying this in no way indicate the nation's support for barack obama slipping. do you buy that? >>. no especially since prominent democrat said just the opposite. president bill clinton said this was a referendum on president obama and his policies. for once i agree with bill clinton, it is. >> this is going to be a referendum on president obama and his policies i have got to agree with president clinton on
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that. sean: i do a better one but we will scare our audience. >> just do bill clinton the rest of the evening. sean: let me ask you. the vote in the house on health care may take place on friday. >> i'm going to write my column on this thursday for the "wall street journal." if you are a blue state democrat you have to be scared to death by what is happening tonight in virginia. i suspect what's going to happen tonight in 23. if 23 goes to the republican column with a candidate who 30 days ago was to virtually unknown, that's going got to scare the heck out of a red state democrat there is only one reason, they are reacting to president obama's policies. sean: if it was the trifecta. if new jersey, if we examined congressional democrats, there is 80 of them. >> 3. sean: 8 in districts that supported bush in '04 or john mccain in the last election. >> and 48 in districts that were won all three of the last presidential elections by
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republican presidential -- sean: they are watching the results tonight. if it comes, in even if christie and corzine are extremely close one way or the other and the 23rd goes to the republicans and obviously it was a rout in virginia, what will that mean for this vote on health care? >> it ought to scare them because, look, here is the con he want. -- concept. concept of swing. barack obama got 52% of the vote in virginia. the democrat tonight is getting 38%. in new jersey, barack obama got 57%. tonight, you know, even if he potentially pulls it out it's going to be a 44% 45% victory for corzine. i think he is going to lose. in new york, 23, he got 52% of the vote. i bet you tonight the republican wins with a significant margin. sean: isn't it kind of absurd in barack obama spent his entire weekend in new jersey campaigning for corzine if he campaigned for cray deeds -- degree deeds.
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>> we need to have program for 1 50 people that showed up at joe biden rally special counseling and help. they put extraordinary -- the white house put an extraordinary amount of effort into this race. they did fundraiser -- president obama did a fund raidser for sean: what's happened in a year. conservatism is dead. what happened in a year? is it the economy? is it the takeover of g.m. in the banks, the financial institutions? what is it? >> yes. >> all of it? >> all of that. people voted for barack obama believing that he was close to the center and he has governed far to the left. the difference between what they everywhere levied to believe believe and what they're seeing is running a problem for moo. he said he wouldn't raise tax tarkses and said is government run health care is extreme. sean: no indication he will be like bill clinton put aside his ideology and be proper pragmatic.
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>> they will find a way to write it off and deal with blinders down the far-left edge of the political highway in america and it's going to come home to roost in a big way in 2010. sean: don't go anywhere. the special he biggs of hannity will come your way after the break. election results and frank luntz is here with a group of virginia voters. we will tell them what swayed them toward bob mcdonnell. that and more straight ahead.
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this country definitely needs to focus on other ways to get energy. we should be looking closer to home. we have oil on our shores. natural gas can be a part of the solution. i think we need to work on wind resources. they ought to be carefully mapping every conceivable alternative. there is an endless opportunity right here.
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sean: we continue now with this election night edition of hannity. the state of virginia has not elected a republican governor for 12 years but it did so tonight. we go now live to frank luntz, who is standing by with a group of virginia voters who are prepared to tell us why they voted the way they did.
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frank? >> and, sean, it doesn't just have to do with virginia. a lot of it has to do with what's going on in washington, d.c. and all across america. now i want a show of hands. how many of to you some degree cast your vote based on what you think of barack obama or what's happening in washington. raise your hands. look at how many hands have gone up. kevin, what's the issue here? >> it's a difference between government taking charge of your life or personal responsibility. i want to be responsible for myself and my family and my course of action. >> david? >> i think people in virginia have to send a message that we either like or dislike what's going on -- >> -- what message are you trying to send? barack obama has done in the last nine months more than the bushes done in the last 16 years. >> i think bush had a democratic congress. >> why do you say it's the wrong direction? >> excess spending. >> david? >> the bush administration is not the issue. we are faced today with the barack administration, pelosi and reid, we have to send a
9:26 pm
message either we disagree or agree or disagree. >> you are one of the most important people in this room you voighted for barack obama last year and mcdonnell this year. >> um-huh. >> why did you go democrat to republican. >> i'm not trying to send a message to the white house. that was not the reason i voted for bob mcdonnell. i was voting to get jobs in virginia and boost the economy. i don't think barack obama is necessarily doing a bad job as a president of the united states. >> were you sending a message, absolutely i was sending a message i'm tired of the economic downturn that we're continually spiraling into. they say the markets are going up. people still don't have jobs. >> you hold obama responsible for ever that? >> absolutely. >> he has only been president for 10 months. >> it doesn't matter. he was in congress. he voted for tarp. >> all of congress, both sides of the house. the president can do no more than sign law. congress and senate makes the law. >> your message was for congress. >> but the thing is, the democrat and republican have to work together for this country to improve. i mean, we just can't go
9:27 pm
bipartisan this, bipartisan that. we have to work together for the country to make improvement. we have got to. >> -- republican party if you have a qualified candidate, people will vote for them whether it be a blue state, red state, whatever it means. if you have a qualified candidate, you know, the republican party does have -- they will follow if there is a qualified candidate. >> that's why they voted the democratic party. >> it's not about congress and the federal government. it is about virginia. and it starts with virginia. it should -- this election is all about our government and our way of doing things. >> who did you vote for? >> i voted for mcdonnell. >> why? >> because i like the way he is doing -- getting jobs for this state. >> how is he going to get jobs? >> how is he going to get jobs when he is giving businesses -- big businesses back the right to do what they want to do.
9:28 pm
[everyone talking at once. >> trick tell down effect. >> it's not about president obama. it's about the best candidate for virginia. that's why i voted for creigh deeds. because he promises to create jobs through education and that's the way you bring jobs or we get jobs. >> i want to show you guys. if we have the ability. sean, have you got an ad that we tested before. it was barack obama putting his reputation on the line supporting creigh deeds. what's interesting, i want you to watch the right side of the screen, is that it worked among traditional democrats but it did not work among those independents and republicans he was trying to win. let's show that ad. >> we are americans, we are forward-looking people. last year, virginia, you helped me to movement. the americans that believed that their voices could make a difference. that's what we need to do in this race. that's what creigh deeds is admit committed to.
9:29 pm
i need every one of you to get fired up once again so that we can go towards the future with creigh deeds leading the great commonwealth of virginia. [cheers and applause] >> cue? sean, what you saw there was that it worked again among obama people but it did not work among the swing voters and among republicans. so what's the issue that matters most? is it the taxes? is it jobs? show of hands. how many of you say jobs? there you go, sean. it is very clear that these people are looking for jobs. that the economy matters. and that this is a message for the people in washington, d.c. it's not enough to talk about jobs. you have got to be able to prove that you have got it. we did another ad. we may show it in the next couple nights how well mcdonnell did and he won because he had a plan for jobs. back to you. sean: frank luntz. fascinating. passionate focus group. more on special edition of hannity tonight.
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joined by dana perino, tony blankley and kristin powers. also coming up we expect momentarily bob mcdonnell will be giving his speech. when that happens, we will cover that live. we are also awaiting results from new jersey and the new york 23rd race and frank luntz and much more straight ahead. ugcl) yeacl 's h fba icos y!tyft juneck yno itft'sse sut'cu tyftef (ckicli
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sean welcome back to this special edition of hannity. we are awaiting bob mcdonnell's victory speech in the commonwealth of virginia. and, for that, we are going to
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toss it over to shepard smith and bret baire. guys, what's going on? >> hey, sean, we are 26 minutes from being joined by greta van susteren here to talk a little bit about the races seen tonight. the ones still developing obviously the big ones in new york and new jersey. moments away from former attorney general bob mcdonnell who is now governor elect bob mcdonnell of virginia. he is in richmond. right now the crowd is watching a video setup. and there you see the numbers as they stack up. 91% of the precincts in and bob mcdonnell with 60% of the vote. shep, it's interesting that since 1977, the party that won the white house the year before lost the virginia governor's race. but it is hard to overstate the importance for republicans of this win in this scenario. >> i think the numbers are bigger than anything that we had seen projected anywhere. it was widely believed that he might win this by as many as double digits by a 20-point win
9:35 pm
in the state of virginia must be seen as republicans as landslide victory tonight,; bret: this was expected heading into election day because the polls were showing it separating over democrat c.e.o. deeds. -- creigh deeds. when he won the attorney general's race he defeated deeds by 360 votes. that was closest statewide election in virginia's history. so, again, is he beating creigh deeds but this margin, again, by a big, big margin. in fact, all of the down ballot races appear to be heading the republican way, the lt. governor's race, the attorney general's race as well as the g.o.p. picking up a number of house and state senate seats in the house of delegates in virginia. shepard: listen in, as we are about to hear a victory speech by a republican from the state of virginia bob mcdonnell. ♪ tonight's going to be a good, good night ♪ i got a feeling
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♪ woo, woo ♪ that tonight's going to be a good night ♪ that tonight's going to be a good night ♪ that tonight's going to be a good, good night ♪ i got a feeling ♪ woo woo ♪ that tonight's going to be a good night. [cheers and applause] ♪ i got a feeling ♪ tonight's going to be a good night ♪ that tonight's going to be a good, night ♪ that tonight's going to be a good, good night ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ i got a feeling ♪ woo hoo
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♪ that tonight's going to be a good night. >> wow! [cheers and applause] >> thank you! [cheers and applause] >> thank you, thank you, thank you, friends in virginia. [cheers and applause] >> eight months ago i applied for the job of governor of virginia. tonight you have hired me. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> to my fellow virginias i say i am humbled and honored with the privilege you give me
9:38 pm
tonight i thank god for his grace and divine providence in my life. i am ready to go to work to serve you and to help lead virginia for the next four years. [cheers and applause] i want to start by thanking you for giving me a incredibly great lt. governor bill bolling. [cheers and applause] and i am so glad to be going to work with someone that every governor needs. that's a good lawyer. thank you for attorney general dan. [cheers and applause] and jean an and -- thank you for your hard work and your
9:39 pm
sacrifice for your husband and for your families. it meant a lot to them to have you behind me every step of the way. shepard: bob mcdoble, the republican, former attorney general, colonel in the united states army now the governor-elect of the state of virginia. continuing coverage throughout the night. we are waiting for a call in the state of new jersey. nothing yet. sean, back to you. sean: thanks, shep. welcome back to this special edition of hannity tonight. on our political panel, she is a columnist and a fox news contributor kirsten powers. tough night for her. columnist for "the washington times" eddleman p.r. tony blankley is here. former white house press secretary and fox news contributor dana perino is with us. guys, good to see you. this is a 27 point swing in a year in the state of virginia. >> pretty remarkable. >> pretty remarkable. >> i think if you are in the white house, you saw some interesting today. if they thought they were going
9:40 pm
to win today you would have seen more messaging how this was showing that barack obama's mandate was continuing. tonight i think they are realizing that is not the case. especially in virginia. not so much in new jersey but virginia is a big deal. sean: if you add this 27 point swing in virginia, regardless how new jersey comes out it will be a double digit swing there as well. >> i have been trying to figure out what's going on, as we all are. i think there is a huge reaction to the policyies of the president more than the personality. look at the numbers, he is still liked but the public is getting really scared of his policy. that's what we are seeing in all of these elections. every action there is an equal reaction. newton's law of motion, i guess. same thing in politics. obama moved the policy so far to the left that now you are seeing big movement back. i think we are only seeing the beginning of it.
9:41 pm
it also shows you that the republican party is not improved its brand. it hasn't yet. it's that the public is willing to vote for whatever is going to balance or offset what they are afraid of on a policy. if it happens to be a republican or conservative candidate. sean: kirsten is smiling waiting for my first question. when robert gibbs says this is a not a referendum on the white house. no impact. joe biden was in the new york 23rd. the president spent the entire weekend in new jersey, he was there, what, half a dozen times. he ran the ad earlier that he ran for degree -- creigh deeds. certainly there is an impact here. >> can i spin what the house is doing and that's what white houses do. dana never did, of course. [ laughter ] >> i could spin it but i think the reality is, i agree exactly with what he said. if you look at the polls, the president still pretty popular, you know, it's policies that aren't.
9:42 pm
voters turning are independent voters. those are the voters that democrats should be concerned about. if you look at the exit polls in virginia which as you know independents played a big role in that very historic win for obama broke 65% 34% for the republican. you are seeing the same thing in new jersey where they are overwhelmingly going for -- what are the issues? jobs and taxes. >> the independent. i think you are right about the independents. who are these independents? a lot of them had been republican voters for quite a while. they were perot voters. they were bush voters. then they slipped over into independent and they voted for obama and they voted and now i think they are coming back. you know, karl rove used to argue back in the day that there was only about 7 or% real undecideds, real independents. that number has grown. it has grown out of the height of the republican party. now we are seeing them come back. >> also, the other thick is that i think tony is right that the republican brand is not all the way there yet. if you look at bob mcdonnell as a candidate. a relentless focus on the
9:43 pm
issues. always talked about jobs. kept it high level. he ran a positive campaign. sean: very conservative campaign. >> but aggressive in the right way. he was relentlessly positive. relentlessly focused on the issues. i bet in 2010 you will see a lot of candidates trying to emulate his race. sean: i don't doubt that at all. the issue -- the reason i keep pointing out this change in the year because there were so many people pronouncing conservatism as dead and i just didn't believe it because i predicted that the president would not govern from the center. that he was far more left than he was letting on. now the question is what impact will tonight have on the democratic party and cap and tax and they have been talking about a second stimulus. blue dog democrats now say i'm not walking the plank alone with harry reid and nancy pelosi and the president? >> they already have a problem. today senator reid announces that they are north going to be able to get a bill done until after the first of year. slippage means that support is
9:44 pm
going to continue to drop off and those independent voters are the ones that they have got to be concerned about. >> the blue dogs have to be more afraid of their voters than they are of their leadership. historically they are more afraid of their leadership. they usually give the democratic leadership enough votes to pass. particularly if new jersey goes. or even if it's really close. i think the blue dogs gipp to get more afraid of their electorate than pelosi. >> that happened to bush. >> i think that's the most immediate impact is the health care debate. i also think the other thing that democrats have to be a little bit concerned about is it seems that this coalition, the obama movement or coalition isn't transferable. they come out for obama. there was also a decline in minority voters there were decline in young voters. you weren't seeing people who turned out in huge force for obama turning out for other democrats. so, the democrats have to step back and say, wait a minute, i'm going to have to take care of myself. i can't rely on obama.
9:45 pm
sean: as a democrat, do you look at this that you do not seeed democrats in the shows or the senate walking the plank. i will go along with health care where my s. my job. >> red states or red districts. sean: there is a lot of them. as karl pointed out there is about 83 of them. >> the argument that the democratic leadership will tell blue dogs look the worse thing for you if barack obama is below 48% job approval. he will be that low if he doesn't pass health care. best thing to do for yourself is vote this unpopular bill back home get the president back up being popular. that's the argue. they will make. it will persuade some and not others. >> i don't think they will believe it. >> the more the night goes the less they will believe it. sean: i think the white house has been really tone deaf. i don't think they saw this coming. i really believe they thought they can go out and president obama could just read the tell prompter and give a speech and rally the crowds and the base
9:46 pm
would come out and vote. i don't think they really expected this. they seemed to ignore the town halls and ignored the april 18th tea parties. diminish the people showing up. demonizing and starting wars with fox and with the insurance companies. >> the public is very volatile right now. people on the republican side missed the movement toward the conservative candidate in new york 23. missed that movement. and i think that's why both parties have to be on guard that the old method and calculations don't fly when the public is as volatile and passionate as it is now. sean: kristen. >> some people do legitimately look at this and say historically virginia always goes to the party that's out of power they can come up with explanations. it was taxes. corzine was unpopular governor.
9:47 pm
creigh deeds ran a bad campaign. when you start looking at independents is when it starts falling apart. sean: new jersey where n. a state obama won a year ago and the very policies that he implemented, raising taxes, it did not result in the increased revenue that he predicted more government takeover regulation, control. barack obama has adopted. if jon corzine squeaks it out it is going to be with maybe 42%, 43% of the vote. >> the news in new jersey with the race as close as it is, people voting with heir feet that 1.5 million people in new york because of high taxes had left the state in the last six months. sean: same with new jersey. think about what frank luntz showed you. everyone in the room raised their hand jobs. igest issue the white house right now has is jobs. they are not focused. i know they are probably thinking about it policies they
9:48 pm
are putting in place and want to put in place are not job creators and their stimulus package didn't do the job. >> the exit poll showed that the first issue for the economy and second was property taxes. on a substantive issue basis, it was breaking against the same issues that the president -- that the president -- the president is for raising taxes, we know that he has already proposed various taxes. he is going to propose more. is he overseeing a economy that the country is terrified of. third point, not specifically that the size of government, the size of the deficit which i think changes this from being a normal jobs elections to being something much more deeply felt. sean: what do you make of the 23rd district? the fact that the conservatives spoke out and went for the conservative candidate and not the pale pastel right of republican? >> i'm convinced that the republican party its core voters don't care so much about republicans. they want to elect people who are going to change what's going on in washington.
9:49 pm
republican arlen specter is not going to change it, they want real conservatives who is going to change that's going on. sean: you were there in '94. is this a preview of coming attractions for 2010? which kirsten would love to hear. >> look, i think that in a certain way this is a more passionate moment because of the dramatic movement to the left that the president has taken the country. so, functional differences but i think. sean: preview of things to come? had you a good line in the green room. >> i think one of the things we have seen and i am grateful for is the bashing of bush i think is over. that's what creigh deeds tried it. jon corzine tried it. it is going to flop. not going to work anymore. going to have to stand on their own policies. looks like they failed. sean: democrats have a lot to worry about for 2010, kirsten. >> yes. i would have said before tonight they have a lot to worry about. you have to see how they react to these results and also see what happens in new jersey.
9:50 pm
sean: great panel tonight. fascinating. still awaiting results out of new jersey where we are told it is a very tight election. and we're also waiting for the results. coming up in the new york 23rd congressional district. more of our special election night edition of hannity coming up straight ahead. when we come back, we will check in with frank luntz. is he live with a grouch voters in richmond, virginia. that and much more coming up straight ahead. . .
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sean: welcome back to this special election night edition of "hannity." tonight the commonwealth of virginia elected a republican to be their governor. pollsterster -- pollster frank luntz stands by in virginia.
9:55 pm
i want to tell you that was one of the best groups and i want to applaud everybody behind you. it was one of the most fascinating groups we've ever had. >> they can hear you. and the big difference between new jersey and virginians is that virginians have a lot to say. what you didn't see is that they were arguing about this the whole time. how many of you feel passionate will this election? raise your hands. is there something different about virginia that causes you -- because here -- we're in rich not mond, not the washington suburbs. is there something about the schooling, the environment, that makes you care so much? >> it's our economy. >> what is it about the economy? >> we have the best-run state, the best economy and best rated to do business in and we're proud of it. >> and we have to do more for our kids, the ones that want and need to go to scooment
9:56 pm
>> sunes -- susan? >> i have two children i've -- i'm very worried about and i want somebody fiscally conservative in our governor's office. that's what i want and i don't want my taxes to go sky high. >> how many of you by a show of hands are mad as hell? who are the mad as hell people, raise your hands? who do you vote for? >> mcdo not ement >> mcdonnell. >> mcdo notet >> the mad voters voted for mcdonnell the sean, you got a question? sean: yeah. by the way, it's fascinating the answers we give. i want to ask ask one question. when you look at the government taking over banks and financial institutions and dictating pay and want to take over health care how many of you think washington is overreaching by a very large measure? if you could raise hands. >> look at this, sean.
9:57 pm
and a lot of democrats have got their hands up too. that's issue the sean: and further -- >> calculation, going back to 6,000 years ago to the beginning of civilization. the amount of the current spending you could spend $4 other,000 a damente >> john, you are one of the youngest people here. what is your issue? >> the tarp fund. it was a terrible idea, throwing money down a well. the banks lost it and i just got a letter saying they're going to raise my ramentse >> some of these people voted for barack obama. even barack obama people in virginia are rejecting the stimulus. sean: there's a 27-point swing in the state of virginia from last year. how many of you want your congressmen, want washington, want the senators and want the president to now re-evaluate health care as a result of
9:58 pm
tonight's election? is there a message on health care that they cannot spend this kind of money? show of hands. >> so more than half. >> i think they really need to take more time to think it through. >> they have got to take more time. what is the issue? it's not going to fall apart tomorrow. i don't understand why they can't take their time. >> beverly? >> i mean i agree with them. you've got to take the time to figure out what's going on. yes, it's broken but you need to figure it out before you can move forward. >> it's been broken and it needs to be fixed and fixed now. there's people who are dying. >> but it needs to be fixed in the open. it doesn't need to be the chicago style politics in back doors and locked offices of congress mechanics. >> the message is we do not like the way this change has transformed and come to fruition. i think virginia's sent a very strong message. >> sean, i want to move this
9:59 pm
back because we tested an ad before we went on the air. it was a mcdonnell ad and tp talked about his platform and his position. what is it that you want the governor and the president and congress to focus on, more than anything else if you had to pick one issue? >> jobs. >> jobs. >> i didn't even give you that word. jobs. but that's what the stimulus was meant to do, create jobs. >> i don't think it was thought through well enough and along with the tarp money it was wrong. sean: one last question. how many of you do not have faith in the government's ability to solve this problem and would rather the government get out of the way? show of hands? wow, very powerful. >> see, sean, once again, these are people that half of them volted obama, half mccain, yet they still don't have faith what's going on in washington. sean: best group we've ever sean: best group we've ever had.
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